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Mental Models In Learning and Life

MENTAL MODELS: WHAT ARE THEY? WHAT IS A MENTAL MODEL? Mental models are how we see the world around us.  They are the internal thought process that occurs in our mind before and while we function.  Whether you realize it or not, there are mental models currently shaping your experience and guiding your emotions and… Continue reading Mental Models In Learning and Life

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Humans are at a Technological Tipping Point

Born in 1992, I experienced both sides of the technology revolution. The rapid integration of technology into our society; the way it changed how we do almost everything on a daily basis, for both better and worse. Humanity is at an inflection point in history, and our direction depends on how we use powerful new… Continue reading Humans are at a Technological Tipping Point

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Startup New Hampshire

Startup New Hampshire: New Hampshire’s Start-Up Ecosystem      As its name implies, a startup ecosystem includes all the players in a geographical region that contribute to new business formation.  Say you’re an entrepreneur with a great idea that you’re ready to turn into a business.  Well, what’s next?  Before you can make any money, you… Continue reading Startup New Hampshire

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5 Steps to Stunning Footwear Photography

Whether you're trying to get the perfect Instagram shot, or have a few old pair of sneakers laying around that you want to toss up on eBay.  Taking a quality picture of your favorite shoes is not always as easy as it seems.  Whatever your goal, a well-taken picture of your shoes will always out perform awkward,… Continue reading 5 Steps to Stunning Footwear Photography